#MacronGate Réseau #Pédophile Européen en Suisse 2019 !⚠️ #Italie Canton de #Ticino Ville #Bellinzona Macron aurait participé juin 2018 soirée #PEDO avec Ivan Ambrosini, Vanni Bianconi, Samuel Golay, richard Katzberg #Ndrangheta #Réseau K Mafia Corse

#MacronGate Réseau Pédophile Européen en Suisse 2019 !⚠️ #Italie Canton de #Ticino Ville #Bellinzona Macron aurait participé juin 2018 soirée #PEDO avec Ivan Ambrosini, Vanni Bianconi, Samuel Golay, richard Katzberg #Ndrangheta


Thread at 8chan/pol, « European Pedo Politicians and more complex networks », from someone expelled from a rich pedo family

Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 27-Jan-2019 15:46:47

This seems authentic to me, almost certainly not a LARP, in my opinion. Very chilling.

The whole thread is here:


When you go to the above link, you can click on his ID 993383 in the title line of the first post to highlight all the rest of his 27 posts.

Here is the text of the first post of the thread (I have removed the pictures he refers to. You can see them at the thread link above.):

European Pedo Politicians and more complex networks Anonymous  993383No.12708444>>12708467 >>12708487 >>12708531 >>12708582>>12708602 >>12708676 >>12708777 >>12709092 >>12709126 >>12710401>>12710764 >>12711106>>12712719 >>12712804 >>12712916 >>12712991 >>12713583 >>12713595 >>12713674 >>12713710>>12713748 >>12713749>>12715016 >>12715718 >>12716205 >>12717692 >>12718105 >>12718112>>12718428 >>12718781 >>12718960 >>12719079 >>12723264 >>12723657>>12725016 >>12725503>>12726737 >>12726827 >>12727034 [Watch Thread][Show All Posts]

hello faggots =)

I come from a wealthy family in the auto industry but have been exiled as I am not of their kind. Not to fear, I have sufficient funds to last forever, or until I kill myself.

But before then, I would like to explain to you who might be interested, how wealthy pedophiles can purchase individual or groups of children. Services offered also include destruction of evidence, police protection, sexual education of the child before purchase and shipping across europe. Its pedo Amazon for the upper klass.

The main storage facility operates from my family’s canton.

Bellinzona is the where you will find the capitol of pedo criminal organizations.

It is run by some jews and others. Thanks to you all, I have learnt the truth about Jews.

Any way. Attached are some pictures of pedo’s I can confirm. Do you have any questions?
~~~~~ END OF POST ~~~~~

The city of Bellinzona is in the Italian speaking Swiss canton of Ticino, south of the Alps, essentially a « suburb » of Italy.

The following is a screen capture from the thread, of the website of a company, ostensibly a waste disposal company, that is discussed in more detail at the thread:


Anonymous   130fdb  No.12708457>>12708462

why no Juncker first post?


Anonymous   993383  No.12708462


I do not know that he is a pedophile. But now I am google his image to see if I recognize him. It might be that I have seen him. My family have been part of many fund raising and other wealthy parties.


Anonymous   efa993  No.12708467>>12708492 >>12708513

>>12708444 (OP)

Who are these « some jews and others » that run these « services »?

Where is the location of the storage facility?

How can we collect evidence in order to put these people away?


Anonymous   189a82  No.12708487

>>12708444 (OP)

Checking the trips.


Anonymous   993383  No.12708492>>12708513 >>12708529 >>12709842 >>12710816 >>12713563 >>12714437 >>12717337


>Who are these « some jews and others » that run these « services »?

Ivan Ambrosini, Vanni Bianconi, Samuel Golay, richard Katzberg

>Where is the location of the storage facility?

Two methods of transport.

First method is touring like a suit maker would, around the world. They do this on the babel literature festival. All businesses and organizers of that festival are complicit in profiteering off children. The festival also promotes ‘in shadows’ pedophile culture (plays, books, ways of life) and many well known and wealthy attend with their ‘children’ of purchase

>How can we collect evidence in order to put these people away?

I dont know. I can tell you how it works. i’m deciding if I kill myself then I can share photo’s of myself and these people to give some evidence of my truth. But I need to drink more first (and maybe some more cocaine) but please if you think I am lying thats ok. Sorry for not giving more proof. Maybe Op is a faggot..


Anonymous   993383  No.12708496


Thank you but maybe I should just post everything here and on my facebook and then say goodbye. I already sleep with an eye open.


Anonymous   993383  No.12708513>>12708580 >>12709008 >>12709317 >>12711863 >>12712691

File (hide)0058f8024e3abe8⋯.jpg (280.9 KB, 996×1493, 996:1493, page_1.jpg(h) (u)



Sorry forgot second method.

You can view services and order via website or phone with password phrase via waste removal company called TERIS.

The list the price and age of child. They control police, schools, hospitals and even an international court judge nearby. They also have many wealthy international customers. I have once seen Sean Pen talking to one of the directors but I have no evidence of pedophilia just talking and wine at a party.

Pic related. They are the European pedo trade


Anonymous   efa993  No.12708529>>12708542


Don’t kys, and don’t be a degenerate cokehead. If you’re prepared to die then go all in warring against the pedo elite, it should be purifying for you to fight them and for it to give you purpose.

« It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. »

– Jesus Christ (Luke 17:2)


Anonymous   5cd892  No.12708531>>12713710

File (hide)3e104d152a62537⋯.jpg (110 KB, 1080×1701, 40:63, IMG_20190124_030752.jpg(h) (u)

>>12708444 (OP)

Dude wtf I just noticed the painting on the wall behind him. Thats a naked kid with a priest wtf


Anonymous   993383  No.12708542


Thank you, Kein Ding!


Anonymous 5cd892  No.12708580>>12708608>>12708620>>12709317>>12715324

File (hide)1729cf60c0ced10⋯.jpg (159.46 KB, 1080×828, 30:23, IMG_20190124_032348.jpg(h)(u)



Pedo symbolism everywhere on that site. They have a Rates card that doesn’t make sense until u read it like a pedo price tag.

This is so fucking creepy Op. Dont kill yourself dude, get a gun and turn it on these pieces of shit!


Anonymous   ee914e  No.12708582>>12708606

>>12708444 (OP)



Anonymous   a4e182  No.12708589>>12708606

Are there any signifiers, be it symbols or even physical signs like bars on windows or large walk in freezers associated with the holding areas for the trafficking victims?


Anonymous   39d0eb  No.12708602>>12708622

>>12708444 (OP)

Why would you kys when you have such valuable information? There’s nothing wrong with finding your morality. Better to die a martyr than for nothing.

Turn the tables, if you’ve lurked here you can clearly see the uphill battle we have to fight.

Help us even the field. Trust the autism of /pol/


Anonymous   993383  No.12708606>>12708629 >>12709263 >>12709860 >>12712641 >>12712682 >>12712824 >>12729513


have i not already above?

They take children from poor countries and England and Iceland and then sell them across europe. They also can destroy (waste disposal) the bodies if you want to kill these children (or others if you like to kill)

They send some children to the Vatican as well. The pope is not the real pope, but thats known everywhere anyway, nothing new.


Industrial waste vans and trucks move the cargo. Network of heat and ventilation pipes under the city also have play/murder/disposal rooms.

One of the phrases once was Penis Im Toschter (slang joke) but the phrases change and I do not connect to those circles, and do not want to but also they do not trust me


Anonymous   d401a3  No.12708608


There’s that pedo swirl again


Anonymous   8064dc  No.12708620


that looks less like a slide and more like a burning oven


Anonymous   993383  No.12708622>>12708652 >>12712289 >>12715369 >>12718960


For now I will let the sow loose, but have not decided if I say goodbye. Dont want to explain, but I try to be a good person all my life, even lost my family because of this, but they are bad I know that now.

Not many questions, but it feels good to tell someone. It is not normal and I have known this all along, but so many wealthy and politicians do this and then smile on camera. The world is bullshit and its better some times to be ignorant.


Anonymous   efa993  No.12708629>>12708664


>Network of heat and ventilation pipes under the city

Which city?


Anonymous   b14fb7  No.12708644>>12708664 >>12708756 >>12709289

start posting locations names and dates.

if you are already dead perhaps someone you name who gets arrested will be able to talk.


Anonymous   b3a10e  No.12708652


Stay safe, anon. If you want to strike aim only for the jews in charge.


Anonymous   993383  No.12708664>>12708756 >>12708777 >>12710155


Always small wealthy towns never big cities (that I am aware of)

I know of these

Bellinzona (my old home)





Also there are some towns in Russia, Israel, Morocco, and many many in Ukraine but I dont know the towns I have only heard they do the same thing. Local police protect it that I saw in Bellinzona but I do not know how it is operating elsewhere sorry.


I have posted names, and I am thinking of dates that politicians were at parties but I have to check family facebook posts for dates (I will do that now) but also the Teris company, and the babel literature tour, they are the businesses that do it. Oh and theres a bank I forget the name of that moves the money, they help organise the festival. I will find the name


Anonymous   48cd1d  No.12708676>>12708680

>>12708444 (OP)

Trips of Truth checked.

> »…or until I kill myself. »

Don’t even think about it now, it is like giving up. They should pay for their sins. It is our duty to take them down before you give up.

« We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children »


   e4770d  No.12708678




Anonymous   993383  No.12708680>>12708728


yes i agree with this.

One good thing my family supported nazi and musolini in the war, and even kicked out Jews 400 years ago from our castles and land but now they let the Jews ruin the family business and take our money and turn our name into shit. I hate the juden, and yes I will aim at the nose if I live that long


Anonymous   9a6b89  No.12708727

Dude if you made your peace and are not afraid of dying you should go all out, dont let any of those evil fuckers get away with it.

Post everything, go public, fight for what you think is the right thing.

If noone breaks the silence they will keep getting away with it.


Anonymous   efa993  No.12708728>>12708756 >>12714399 >>12714538


>kicked out Jews 400 years ago from our castles



Sasso Corbaro?

Rusca family?

Ghiringhelli family?

Visconti family?

Emma family?


Anonymous 993383  No.12708756>>12708794>>12712714>>12713603>>12714583>>12714757>>12722825



June 26 last year Macron flew in to Bellinzona on the Italian PM helicopter (dont know if Italian PM was there) and he didn’t go to a party, but had a private villa and pedo party.

August 10th last year Adam Sandler and the chick from friends was at a ‘before’ party in the city’s ballroom. The pedo party happens after, because the ballroom has a basement that is linked to the city waste tunnels.

Theresa may was there last month, I will find a date, asking my cousin if he can find out the exact date but for now it is just a rumor sorry


please I have a sister who moved away from the family also because she is like me and I dont want to hurt her or her family

Fullsized image


‘Ndrangheta, comincia a Bellinzona il processo allo “svizzero”: “Cosimo Leotta riforniva di armi i mafiosi in Lombardia”

‘Ndrangheta, comincia a Bellinzona il processo allo “svizzero”: “Cosimo Leotta riforniva di armi i mafiosi in Lombardia”

try{parent.AdformWinn0e8qxtb9i(window)}catch(ex){new Image().src=’https://track.adform.net/jslog/?src=htmlcb&msg=’+encodeURIComponent( »+(ex.stack||ex))}https://s1.adform.net/Banners/Elements/Files/143528/5998301/5998301.js?ADFassetID=5998301&bv=259 » data-onload= »(function v(a,c){function b(){c?d.open():d.open(« text/html », »replace »);d.write(g);e.__rendered__=!0}var g=a.getAttribute(« data-contents »),e=a.contentWindow,d=e.document,h=e.setTimeout;
-1==a.offsetHeight||e.__rendered__||(e.__rendered__=!0,c?b():h(b,0))})(this,false) » data-mce-fragment= »1″>
All’imputato il procuratore federale Sergio Mastroianni contesta anche i reati di ricettazione, denuncia mendace e traffico di armi. Nato a Pazzano, in provincia di Reggio Calabria, e oggi residente a Bienne, Cosimo Leotta è considerato l’uomo di fiducia di Antonio Belnome e Michael Panajia: erano i boss di Seregno e Giussano, arrestati per l’omicidio di Carmelo Novella e oggi diventati collaboratori di giustizia
È iniziato il 9 ottobre il processo al referente della ‘ndrangheta di Guardavalle in Svizzera. Sul banco degli imputati, davanti al tribunale penale federale di Bellinzona, è seduto Cosimo Leotta, un calabrese di 61 anni: è accusato di essere stato affiliato ai locali di Giussano e Seregno, in Lombardia, tra il 2005 e il 2011 . All’imputato il procuratore federale Sergio Mastroianni contesta anche i reati di ricettazione, denuncia mendace e traffico di armi. Nato a Pazzano, in provincia di Reggio Calabria, e oggi residente a Bienne, nel canton Berna, Leotta è considerato l’uomo di fiducia di Antonio Belnome e Michael Panajia: erano i boss di Seregno e Giussano, arrestati per l’omicidio di Carmelo Novella e oggi diventati collaboratori di giustizia.

Nei verbali di interrogatorio resi davanti ai pm Ilda Boccassini e Alessandra Dolci di Milano, infatti, Panaija ha tirato in ballo “lo svizzero”. I magistrati volevano sapere chi fosse e, nel marzo 2012, Panaija rispose: “Cosimo Leotta, si chiama Cosimo Leotta, è un affiliato del locale di Giussano che abita in Svizzera, vive in Svizzera… Lo portai avanti io, non mi diedero obiezioni e l’abbiamo affiliato”. Affiliazione che poi, stando sempre alle dichiarazioni del pentito, fu comunicata anche ai boss di Guardavalle.


Oltre a essere un intermediario nel traffico di droga, secondo l’accusa, Leotta avrebbe fatto avere ai boss calabresi armiprovenienti dalla Svizzera dove, si occupava anche dellasorveglianza armata di piantagioni di canapa che si trovavano nei Comuni di Frieswil e di Kappelen. Al boss Belnome, Leotta avrebbe consegnato una pistola Desert Eagle, calibro 44 magnum, comprata nello Stato elvetico senza permesso di acquisto. Arma che poi, durante una perquisizione, i carabinieri della compagnia di Seregno hanno trovato all’interno di un deposito gestito da Cosimo Squillacioti, zio materno di Antonio Belnome.

Un’altra pistola da collezione, una semiautomatica Sig 210 calibro 9, l’ha regalata a Nicola Fraietta, anche lui affiliato al locale di Giussano e referente del boss Antonio Belnome. Leotta era l’uomo di fiducia non solo di quest’ultimo. Secondo i magistrati svizzeri, infatti, l’imputato era un messaggero di boss come Andrea RugaVincenzo Gallace e Cosimo Leuzzi.

Conosciuto con il soprannome di “Plinio”, infatti, Leotta era attivo anche in Calabria dove ha partecipato a diversi summit di ‘ndrangheta. In uno di questi, tenuto in un casolare di Guardavalle, ha ricevuto denaro da un affiliato per la fornitura di armi. L’incontro sarebbe avvenuto a cavallo tra il 2002 e l’agosto 2003 quando, su invito di Andrea Ruga, capo locale di Monasterace, Leotta si è visto con gli altri affiliati come Liberato TedescoAntonio Stagno, un esponente della cosca Bellocco di Rosarno, Domenico Ruga e Antonio Belnome.

Ed è stato proprio in quel summit mascherato da “rimpatriata” che Cosimo Leotta ha conosciuto il futuro pentito divenendo addirittura “padrino” di uno dei suoi figli. In seguito si è anche occupato del sostegno finanziario e morale della compagna di Belnome quando lui era in galera. Anche i boss del Piemonte erano in contatto con Leotta che, dalle carte dei pm calabresi e lombardi trasmesse ai colleghi svizzeri, sembra essere stato a disposizione di più cosche. Per conto dei fratelli Aldo Cosimo e Adoldo Crea, infatti, “lo svizzero” avrebbe partecipato alla gestione del Night club Magic a Borgaro Torinese.


Jack Lang et Manu Macron pédophilies en Egypte 28/01/2019   Maroc



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