#Togo #Confidential of the Treatment of struggles in #Africa From Gilchrist Olympio to Farida Nabourema: Family, money, egoism, sex, ideology …


#Togo #Confidential of the #Treatment of struggles in #Africa From Gilchrist Olympio to Farida Nabourema: Family, money, egoism, sex, ideology …

TRAHISON and SEX: Is the senior FAT officer making Farida Nabourema dance?

Togolese, Dear Togolese,

I decided today to burst the abscess of the stink Nabourema so that you do not find yourself in the same situation as the Togolese who suffered the betrayal Gilcrétin made public in 2010 by me.

Following the last damning facts made public a few weeks ago by Nabourema and « his protectors » during his invitation to Davos of Young World Leaders in Bogotá, Colombia (Capital of the World Narcotrafic) by the former « Anglo-Saxon » bosses of HAVAS WORLDWILDE (subsidiary of the VIVENDI Group whose boss is only Vincent Bolloré), then she was decorated as the young African activist N ° 1 in the world by the suppositions of Bolloré !!! CIS

Then there is little is the group Vanguard Africa Foundation funded by the US investment fund The Vanguard Group (premium shareholder in more than 4,500 global groups including Bolloré, Vinci, ENI, Deutsche Bank, Contour Global, Heidelberg Cement … ) who financed the pseudo « struggle » of Farida Nabourema and accompanied him in the mouth of the « wolf » near the top of the satanist, fascist and racist pyramid of the American military-industrial apparatus in one of his Think-Tanks :

IRI International Republican Institute dubbed by pedophile pederast Ronald Reagan, whose last president of this institute is only the former Republican presidential candidate for the USA Mc Cain!
The 2 Bush were invited and decorated by the IRI and so many other members of the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) close fraternity!
But what is Nabourema doing in this galley ?!

Imperialist with vaseline like Obama or Bernie Sanders it could be swallowed by the « calves » Togolese of the American and Canadian diaspora but to jump directly to the right of Trump among the satanists of the extreme right of KKK who assassinated the 2 Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcom X and especially Sylvanus Olympio whose trigger had been held by the mafia allies Corsican network Foccart.
A few months later it was John Kennedy who was flinguished by the same network of Italian-Corsican mafia, a former soldier from Saigon, Jean-Philippe Mesplède of Corsican origin was part of the team of assassins, he pulled into the face kennedy head from the mound in Dallas.
It is a transnational conspiracy to this day, characters hidden in a secret Supra-Lodge, represented on US dollars by this eye of Reptilian over a pyramid.
Remember this good people once and for all, at this level of decision, the presidents of countries are not put in the secret since they happen to dissolve …
It is a caste of groups of common interest based on financial control, military-industrial and who masters the latest technologies resulting from the evolution of contact ALIEN, the decision is made by less than 5 people who still hold the absolute power on this earth.
Other Peoples Observers …



Farida Nabourema one of the symbols or rather a « gender-symbols » of the fight against Adolf Gnassingbe betrays the Togolese people for a history of sex and big money?

It is necessary to draw on the family roots of this betrayal in the first place moral.

Indeed Nabourema before leaving Togo for the United Slaves, had as a boyfriend a captain of the Togolese army!
Incredible but true, the daughter of a great resistant to the dictatorial regime of Eyadéma Gnassingbé had an intimate history with a dictator’s FAT officer who tortured and imprisoned his own father! …
The Togolese know that many of their daughters are caught by Togolese soldiers because it remains an elite default in the Togolese junta. Especially if it’s an officer because it is common knowledge that the majority of these are businessmen, traffickers: The Togolese mafia these have them!
So this captain of the Togolese army took Farida Nabourema his betrothed to the bed to divert him.
Alas, according to my information, it did not go well since Farida had to bite her lover so that he stopped going back and forth because he was hurting her …

This officer was surely on a mission because under the Gnassingbe we dirty everything but his own family then a family of « half » opponent think so …!

« Half » yes, since the mother of Farida Nabourema was a great businesswoman thanks to the kindness of Etienne Eyadéma!

It is rumored that Mama Farida would also have gone to the general’s bed …
How many Togolese families I know where the husband had to let his wife go to join the degenerate cook of the « Colonial » in Lome II …
How many so-called Togolese families so far, because of this accursed family of Chadian origin placed at the head of the country by the imperialists to punish them for wanting Freedom, Independence! This is the moment to show his son that the Togolese will not support this diktat and this infamy any longer!

The other Achilles heel of Nabourema is his mother who financed the trip for USA of his 3 children, their accommodation near Washington DC and the financing of their studies!

Knowing that university studies in the US are not given and that Farida was not good enough to get a scholarship, we are talking about tens of thousands of dollars of budget!

Thanks Papa Eyadema!


Since 2010 when Farida still a student was recovered by the FEMA (Ministry of the Interior), she still received phone calls from Togo from her fiance the Captain of the Togolese army!

So already at that time Farida Nabourema who became the « Kadarshian » Togolese was making noise on social networks for the #FaureMustGo and during that time she received phone calls from Togo from his boyfriend Captain of the Armed Forces Togolaises listened to by the ANR (Togolese-Israeli Secret Service National Intelligence Agency), while working at the US Department of Homeland Security (FEMA) surely also listened to by the services of Counter-espionage yankee! Nabourema also had at the time telecom contacts with the family of General Titikpina, former Chief of Staff of the Togolese Armed Forces …!


What a beautiful mess already 8 years ago at the Kadarshian Togolese! My main hypothesis is that the Togolese state must have intimate photos, videos, documents, proofs of untrue secrets about Farida, his mother …

In 2010 while Gilcrétin laid down his arms in front of the putschist of 2005, largely to because of the infiltration via his son-son Locoh-Donou managing both part of the financial networks to the United Slavs of trisomics and his own, Nabourema was recovered by the Yankee security apparatus by returning to FEMA the Ministry of Security US United Slaves.

She returned to FEMA while still a student at the Washington DCF. Since then it is the descent into hell of Gilcrétin and the representative of the new generation Nabourema both taken in hand by the mafia of the Global Satanist Brotherhood. Nabourema must be trapped by those who tortured and sent her father to prison. She killed the father! Silvanus, Gilchrist Olympio, Farida are not ideologically on the same political pitch as Bemba Farida’s father, Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, Che Gevara and many others … These Three are agents of Capitalism of the Global Disaster where the satanist mafia on both sides of the Atlantic pull the strings! However, I hope that in the case of Farida Nabourema, by making this public statement, I will send her a flow of consciousness so that she can reprimand herself and immediately break with her master singers from the American KKK! So I hope that his Masters Singers will leave him alone so that the Togolese people can finally start their struggle of emancipation! Nabourema still broke the bond of trust between her and the people. Robert Dussey had written a book « Africa sick of its politicians » … After nearly half a century of independence, many African states have still not managed to embark on a path of stable development and continuous. Despite their wealth of raw materials, despite international assistance and despite many technical assistance programs.

The inflows of foreign capital, poorly controlled, have on the contrary increased the public debt, which has amplified their difficulties. To which is added a lack of democracy and freedom. To block this spiral, Africa must unite – even to sacrifice its micro-states around a democratic project based on the competence of its leaders and the fight against their corruption.

This project, based on a development strategy, embracing the political and the cultural, the social and the economic, should associate the positive values ​​of African and European cultures. African leaders have to reconcile themselves to the vital challenge facing their countries: to build and develop the African continent, disengaging itself from foreign influence.

And Farida Nabourema she wrote this book as I dedicate her: Farida, free yourself from the pressure of oppression of your mob bosses of the American extreme right!

2 cynics in the pure state, 2 sides of the same coin of the diktat of the satanist world oligarchy that oppresses the Peoples for millennia!

Togolese people fight to free themselves from this global mafia will not be done dancing at the beach or demonstrating in the nails of places in the West …


Count Mathieu Nalecz-Cichocki Chief of the Togolese Resistance.





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